WE MADE YOUR DIMAOND TIMELESS is the philosophy of a luxury jewellery brand DAZZLE. Women wearing DAZZLE are not only modern, independent and prestigious but also elegant, romantic and gentle. With a team of innovative and passionate designers, DAZZLE aims to bring the products dazzling sparkles with the advanced technology to ensure that every diamond is cut to show its finest brilliance and fire. With our one-of-a-kind mounting technique your heart must be captured by our collector's items.

DAZZLE provides a warm service with empathy for jewellery into the fashion interesting. As long as you take off the main treasure of the stone, embedded on the new mounting ring, your treasurable diamonds can be flexibly to harmony with the seasonal fashion trend. An embodiment of a dazzling new diamond ring, its symbolic significance represents eternal and immortal praise of love.

DAZZLE's innovative designs, distinctive market position and elite management team successfully captured the market in only a year that obtained "Best of the Best Capital Award 2010"

Together with our advanced equipment, comprehensive production procedures and stringent qulality control, the quality of products are ensured. In 2006 we awarded ISO9001:2000 quality management certification. In addition, DAZZLE is the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacuturers Association, Hong Kong gold and silver jewelry Chamber of Commerce, The Jewelers Board of Trade United States and a member of the Quality Tourism Services Association.